Which Is Healthier: Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

At the very end of your Thanksgiving meal, odds are, the pies will be presented. But which one should you choose? While they’re both a dessert, that doesn’t mean they can’t have health benefits like apple pie’s antioxidant-packed apples or pumpkin’s beta carotene-carrying compounds. Check out this feature from Eating Well to learn how to make delicious and (relatively) healthy pies for your Thanksgiving feast!

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Clever Ways To Conceal Your Power Cords

Sure you may love all of your tech devices, but probably not the pile of the power cords that lurks behind the television or alongside the couch. Movie night, for many of us, involves family fun and delicious popcorn, but it can also mean navigating a complex tangle of cords and hidden outlets.

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Corn Is Not The Only Food You Should Be Popping

Who goes to a movie and DOESN’T get a bag of popcorn? For at home movie nights, you can replicate the sensation of popcorn with a unique twist—because you don’t even need corn! That’s right, you can take just about any grain you have lying around the house and pop it on your stove. This results in creations like a nutty popped quinoa or a deliciously fluffy sorghum. Check out Huffington Post for great snack ideas and recipes for your next movie night.

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